Most job offers boil down to compensation and in a lot of circumstances it should. You deserve what you’re worth. Accounting and finance professionals have been in a demand for a while now and there’s no reason not to take advantage of this candidate market.

But while a high salary is tempting, it often carries lofty expectations. Not in the sense of performance – accounting and finance professionals are talented enough to meet many job descriptions. But in the sense of commitment.

Everyone’s situation is different. Some people live for the grind and don’t mind 60-hour plus weeks during busy season. Some people don’t mind constant travel or an expectation to devote more time to the company than anything else.

Conversely, there are working professionals with pets and budding families at home.  Some people still enjoy a life outside the office.

If you happen to be one of them, it may make more sense to pursue a promising work/life balance instead. You’ll still make good money, without that crippling commitment of time. Any company paying the kind of salary that can seal a job offer by itself will expect to get every dime out of it. They aren’t paying for you to leave early on a Friday or to take floating holidays on days like Christmas and New Years Eve.

Beyond the time commitment, chasing money can sometimes blind us to glaring red flags about a company. Is a marginally bigger salary worth committing to a company with insane turnover rates or dreadful company culture?

You’ll be at your office entirely too much to hate it. How much on your annual salary is enough to tolerate unhappiness?

Again, far be it from anyone to advise you not to get what you’re worth. But before accepting that job offer just because of the salary, consider what makes you truly happy. Being honest with yourself upfront about a job offer will prevent you from having to make a similar decision so soon.

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