Finance and accounting recruitment firms exist in every city, ranging from large familiar brands to local small businesses. And with many options, it’s sometimes unclear which to work with. Of course any recruiter offering your ideal job and salary is your best option, but that’s unfortunately seldom the case. Finding good recruiters is your next best option.

With so much at stake, you need a recruiter who is looking out for your best interest. Your unhappiness isn’t worth the commission. Plus time is money, and your time is too valuable to waste on pointless phone calls and meetings about jobs that don’t interest you.

The size and scale of an agency isn’t enough information to choose a recruiter. Large finance and accounting recruitment firms do have benefits, but you don’t know what kind of recruiter you’ll work with. Some firms employ what’s known as a “churn and burn,” method of hiring. That involves hiring fresh college grads at a high volume and keeping the ones who make a lot of placements.

That model may seem irrelevant to you, but it’s actually pretty important. If recruiters are constantly on the hook for more placements, the placement becomes their primary focus instead of you.

This doesn’t account for every large recruitment firm, but that’s why you should meet this recruiter up front. One face-to-face meeting is usually all it takes to establish a working relationship and rapport.

Now that you’ve met your recruiter and given your time, you’ll know who has your best interest in mind. Does the recruiter call you with opportunities that you mentioned, in person, are not ideal roles for you? Does the recruiter try to twist your arm in accepting an offer?

It all goes back to a recruiter’s motive. Of course finance and accounting recruitment is a business, and recruiters are in it to earn like any other industry. But there are recruiters who understand how to do it effectively. Good recruiters know that they only win when you win.

If you’re unhappy with a recently accepted job offer and decide to leave, that’s a major blow to a recruiter’s check. So smarter recruiters will listen to you, understand precisely what you want, and only bring you the opportunities they know you’ll entertain.

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