The Cincinnati Business Courier announced the winners of its annual “Best Places to Work” awards celebration last week. Finalists from all over the city gathered at Xavier University’s Cintas Center to celebrate, but not every company won. We’ll quickly link the winners below.

Before we do, we covered accolades like this in a recent post about ways to vet a company before accepting an offer. While impressive, they should never be your only due diligence before accepting a company’s offer. They do however make for good evidence to consider after you’ve spoken to someone who works there. If an employee’s referral is positive, and the company is winning awards like these, it’s probably a pretty nice place to be for 40 hours or more every week.

Many of these Cincinnati businesses are relatively new to the scene and haven’t made much noise in the past. So if you’re considering a career move in the future, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to leave these companies off your search.  Some of them definitely deserve your attention, especially for finance and accounting professionals eager to trade in the grind of public accounting.

After all, busy season isn’t so far away.

See the winners here

To browse the list of The Cincinnati Business Courier’s “Best Places to Work,” simply click here. But that’s not the only award in town. The Cincinnati Enquirer runs its own “Top Places to Work” competition as well. Those are worth knowing about too, and you can see that list by clicking here.

Many of these companies are hiring, too. So if you’re mulling a change, give these places a look. The small business scene in Cincinnati is brimming with opportunity, especially for finance and accounting professionals.

The winners were announced by size, but which size company is right for you? We’ll help you decide quickly in this short read that explores the pros and cons of both big and small companies.

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