Must Do’s Before Accepting the Job Offer

Receiving a job offer is both exciting and incredibly stressful. Knowing a company wants to invest in you over other qualified candidates can be invigorating. But when the time comes to accept or decline, things get a bit more difficult. It’s usually not over money because the money is what it is. Either they’ll match… Read more »

Good Recruiters Value Your Time Over Commission

  Finance and accounting recruitment firms exist in every city, ranging from large familiar brands to local small businesses. And with many options, it’s sometimes unclear which to work with. Of course any recruiter offering your ideal job and salary is your best option, but that’s unfortunately seldom the case. Finding good recruiters is your next… Read more »

Why Salary Isn’t Always the Best Motivator

Most job offers boil down to compensation and in a lot of circumstances it should. You deserve what you’re worth. Accounting and finance professionals have been in a demand for a while now and there’s no reason not to take advantage of this candidate market. But while a high salary is tempting, it often carries… Read more »

Solutions for When You Feel Undervalued at Work

Feeling valued and appreciated at your office is vital. You can’t work 40 hours or more every week in an environment where you don’t feel important. Feeling like a valuable contributor is critical to being happy with your job. But we all know that’s not always the case. If you’re feeling undervalued, you shouldn’t ignore it…. Read more »

Company Size: Big or Small, Which is Right for Me?

  Are you better suited for a bigger company or a smaller one? You may not consider the two very different initially, but upon further inspection, they’re worlds apart. And it’s important to know which is best for you when making a career decision. After 25-plus years of combined recruitment experience, we’ve placed countless people… Read more »

How You Can Sell Yourself in Your Next Job Interview

Few things linger around more than a botched interview. A bad interview can rapidly drain confidence, leaving us endlessly thinking about what we could have done better. As recruiters with over 25 years experience, we’ve had that discouraging phone call with candidates more than a few times, and we see the same pitfalls. People who… Read more »