Good Recruiters Value Your Time Over Commission

  Finance and accounting recruitment firms exist in every city, ranging from large familiar brands to local small businesses. And with many options, it’s sometimes unclear which to work with. Of course any recruiter offering your ideal job and salary is your best option, but that’s unfortunately seldom the case. Finding good recruiters is your next… Read more »

Why Salary Isn’t Always the Best Motivator

Most job offers boil down to compensation and in a lot of circumstances it should. You deserve what you’re worth. Accounting and finance professionals have been in a demand for a while now and there’s no reason not to take advantage of this candidate market. But while a high salary is tempting, it often carries… Read more »

Solutions for When You Feel Undervalued at Work

Feeling valued and appreciated at your office is vital. You can’t work 40 hours or more every week in an environment where you don’t feel important. Feeling like a valuable contributor is critical to being happy with your job. But we all know that’s not always the case. If you’re feeling undervalued, you shouldn’t ignore it…. Read more »

Company Size: Big or Small, Which is Right for Me?

  Are you better suited for a bigger company or a smaller one? You may not consider the two very different initially, but upon further inspection, they’re worlds apart. And it’s important to know which is best for you when making a career decision. After 25-plus years of combined recruitment experience, we’ve placed countless people… Read more »

Recruiters: The Cure for the Case of the Mondays

Every honeymoon period comes to an end, no matter how much you love your job. Eventually the magic fades and that’s OK. People who love what they do stay engaged long beyond the infatuation period. Doing what you love not only keeps your brain stimulated, it keeps the hands on the clock moving as you… Read more »

Public or Industry – Which Accounting Sector is Right for You?

Accounting and finance professionals are in high demand, so there’s opportunity regardless of your preference. But there are noticeable differences between public and industry (corporate) accounting. Which setting suits your lifestyle? Here are some questions you should answer internally before making a decision: Do you prefer travel? Public accountants will serve numerous clients and traveling… Read more »

Report Finds Many Millennials Looking for Next Job Opportunity 

In a PeopleFluent survey conducted several months ago, it was discovered that while most millennials are engaged at their job, the majority are still entertaining new job opportunities. The national survey sampled some 650 working professionals whose ages ranged from 18 to 35.   A healthy 75 percent of respondents replied they were engaged or… Read more »

Nail Your Next Behavioral Interview

  The behavioral interview has become increasingly common, to the point where you should plan on it for whatever job you’re interviewing for next. If you have somehow managed to avoid one until now, or if you didn’t have a good experience in your last one, here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect… Read more »

Why It Pays to Use a Finance and Accounting Recruiter

Businesses in search of finance and accounting talent, especially in Cincinnati, are finding it more challenging now than ever before to find ideal candidates. It wasn’t that long ago that a national recruitment firm surveyed over two thousand chief financial officers and determined that it took about a month to fill open finance and accounting… Read more »

Should You Leave Your Job?

Far be it from anyone to know the answer other than you, but as finance and accounting recruiters with over 25 years experience, we’ve witnessed the distinct signs of fatigue enough to spot them. Cincinnati is a rich marketplace with lots of opportunities in both public and private firms, and over the years, we’ve worked… Read more »